Issue: September 02, 2010

Hi everybody,

We’ve got one steamy issue for your this week. First, our photographer Audrey Love went to volunteer at Burning Man for two weeks before the public was allowed on the playa. Here’s a first look at some of the major art installations. Also in this week’s newspaper, we pepper you with stories of art, music and film. In Green, Kat Kerlin tells us about the hot new trend of growing vegetables in the front yard. (But I’ll warn you, people let their dogs pee on your produce, my “pet” peeve.) Speaking of spicy food, Dennis Myers tells us of a legislator who wants to tax the food you eat … and people whine about the death tax. … Speaking of which, check out Bruce Van Dyke. As always, feel free to click the links below, but don’t forget to wrap your fish in the newsprint version because we have exclusive cartoons and columnists in there. And as always, thanks for reading the paper. If it weren’t for you, we’d be cooling our heels in the unemployment line.