Issue: July 22, 2010

Hi everybody,

We’ve got another great issue for you this week. On the other hand, can you imagine me writing, “You know, this week’s issue wasn’t that good, but we did our best. … Actually, I was kind of tired so I guess only most of us did our best"? Anyway, Brad Bynum, arts editor extraordinaire, took a week off to go on tour with his band. I told him he could go, but only if he’d write about the experience. And thus was born “Show on the Road.” Also in this week’s issue, Dennis Myers looks at the AT&T contract negotiations, Kat Kerlin examines local plants, and I scrutinize a new cafe. There’s also a ton of other stuff, but don’t take my word for it: Click the links below. But don’t forget to pick up the real, live newsprint version for exclusive cartoons and columns. And, as always, thanks for reading the newspaper. If not for you, we’d be praying twice as hard that the Senate extends unemployment benefits.