Issue: July 15, 2010

Hi everybody,

This week in our cover story, writer Nicole Seaton takes a tour of a rite of passage Hispanic members of our city may know well, but many of the rest of us know little about: quinceañera, the traditional celebration of a girl becoming a woman at 15.  Also in this week’s fabulous issue, Kat Kerlin delves into the green clean machine, the world of eco-friendly cleaning services; Dennis Myers journeys to Planet Budget, a place so close to hell you can see Jim Gibbons; and Bruce Van Dyke takes a trip into the future in old Sparks. Brad Bynum is traveling this week ... but you won’t get to read about that until next week. As always, muchas gracias for picking up our paper and reading us online. If not for you, we’d have to put on our walking zapatos.