Issue: October 29, 2009

Hey everybody,

Thought we’d have a little fun with the cover story this week. Not that this job isn’t always fun (5 reasons this job isn’t always fun: deadlines, angry phone calls, mean editor, working weekends, deadlines.), but sometimes there are just things that would be more fun. (5 things more fun to do than work: have sex, cook a turkey, plant some garlic, look at the fall colors, surf the interweb.) At any rate, in our pursuit of editorial mischief, we turned back to an old favorite of ours, The List Issue (Other favorite mostly regular "fun" issues: the April Fools’ Issue, Summer Guide, The Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada, Short Fiction). So, anywho, check out the online version of these stories, but don’t forget, there’s a lot of stuff that appears in the paper that doesn’t appear on our website. (Things that appear in the newspaper that don’t appear online: This Modern World, Streetalk, Free ticket advertisements, The Advice Goddess, Roland & Cid, Red Meat, (Th)ink, Real Astrology.)