Issue: August 06, 2009

Hi everybody,

Another week, another staggering work of journalistic journalism. This week on the cover, we give you the 4-1-1 on the history of hip-hop in Reno. In order to add a little street cred to the story, we’ve used our own file photos to show that the RN&R has been along for nearly the whole ride. Also, we’ve got breaking news from Reno’s favorite theater troup, Bruka Theatre. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself why you haven’t seen next season’s schedule. Here’s the answer. And that’s not all. We’ve got pervy concrete in Green, uncooperative political parties in News, a skeptical spiritualist and greenie in Filet of Soul and a hungry, hungry foodie in Foodfinds. In fact, this issue is so chuck full of tasty tidbits, you might be able to skip lunch. As always, thanks for reading the paper. If it weren’t for you, we’d be on a permanent staycation.