Rated 3.0

The world is, once again, overtaken by a zombie plague and a ragtag team of human survivors head for the West Coast in director Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland, the latest movie to use the undead for laughs. Thankfully, the cast features an amped-up Woody Harrelson and a gracefully neurotic Jesse Eisenberg, a comic team that balances itself out quite nicely. Throw in some decent hardcore zombie gore, and you get something that is genre worthy, and a hell of a lot better than that last George Romero disaster, Diary of the Dead. Harrelson plays an alpha male who digs killing zombies and craves Twinkies, while Eisenberg plays a college student who has managed to survive by following a simple set of rules. The movie is funny for sure, but it does lose some steam in its final act. It contains one of the best cameos in cinema history, and that’s no exaggeration.