You’re the best

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Wow. Has it been a year already? Here we sit, finally pulling our heads above the overwhelming avalanche that is the Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada. This is our biggest annual project, and it requires huge efforts from everyone here and our designers in Sacramento.

So thanks is due to everyone who helped make this gigantic project once again a reality. First, thanks to Ops, Ric, Aaron and Kelsey, who help with the technical aspects of the online vote counting, Word templates, and panicked calls from editors when it appears the house of cards is tottering.

The design team also gets to work long hours trying to get the “art” (drawings, photos, fonts, et al), to fit on a finite number of pages. David Jayne headed up this effort, but Andrew Nilsen and Kate Murphy backed him up by giving him the room to work.

Ad designers also get to burn the midnight oil, but due to the separation between editorial and advertising, I don’t know any of those people. I do appreciate their help, though.

Ad sales, led by general manager John Murphy and sales manager Martin Flynn, also kicked ass. Thanks to Carissa Bouwer, Linda Brown, Ivy Cohen and Bev Savage for deciding just how finite the issue is going to be.

And then there’re the delivery drivers who get to drag a double size issue all over town. Those people include Lisa Ackerman, John Brooke, Sandra Chhina, Deann Frazier, Terri Hanks, Bruce Jenks, John Miller, Ron Neill, Tabitha Pike, Martin Troye, Carol Veach, Travis Wiltse.

Finally, thanks to all the 1,096 people who voted. Dang, talk about a challenge.

So anyway, from myself and the rest of the crack editorial staff here: Kat Kerlin, Dennis Myers, Brad Bynum, Kelley Lang and Lauren Randolph—have a very merry Best Of.