You’re the best!

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Holy crap! It’s Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada time again. Once a year, we kick out the jams, everyone works overtime, everyone stresses until every bit of cortisol is wrung from our adrenal glands. It’s a beautiful thing, really, that wild look in editors’ eyes that says the edge is very, very near.

Anyway, an undertaking of this magnitude requires a lot of help, and those helpers deserve thanks for their extra efforts. So here we go.

First, thanks to Franz Szony, the local artist who created my favorite “Best Of” art I’ve ever seen in a News & Review newspaper.

Special thanks to Ric Marques, Kelsey Falle and Aaron McCormick in operations, and especially to Ric who helped put together the technology for the Biggest Little Songwriting contest.

Thanks to the ad designers who get to burn the candle at both ends for this issue.

Thanks to general manager John Murphy and his crack ad staff: Bev Savage, Linda Brown and Gina Odegard. Karen Brooke got to manage the ad placement; front desk maven Meleva Hill handles all that stuff we don’t have time to think about in the weeks leading up to publication.

Thanks to Kate Murphy, Don Button and David Jayne who contributed design skills to make Franz’ art pop. Kate especially worked crazy hard to make this great.

Thanks to the distribution drivers who get extra heavy work this week: Lisa Ackerman, Sandra Chhina, Deann Frazier, Terri Hanks, Joe Medeiros, John Miller, Ron Neill, Tabitha Pike, Martin Troye, Warren Tucker, Carol Veach and Travis Wiltse. (They’re great representatives of the paper every week!)

Thanks, too, to the people who voted and to everyone who supports our winners—if it weren’t for you, we’d be hoarse from continually saying, “You want to super-size that?”

So from myself and the editorial staff: Kat Kerlin, Dennis Myers, Brad Bynum, Kelley Lang, Clint Demeritt and Dana Nollsch, THANKS!