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Vera-Mae Olson is a sixth grade student at Mount Rose School. She’s currently running a donation drive to collect various items for people affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Donations can be dropped off at Mount Rose School, 915 Lander St., through the end of October.

Tell me about what you’re doing.

It’s for the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and it’s because it makes me feel good to help out with all of the damage they have.

Do you know anybody who lives in Texas or Florida?

Nana, who’s my dad’s step-grandma that lives in Florida.

Tell me about how you’re running this? How does it work?

How it works is I’m putting out an announcement at the school. I’m putting out fliers, and I’m basically just letting friends know—telling them … and telling parents what I’m doing. And if they have any extra stuff, just to bring it and drop it in the two boxes out there [in the school’s lobby and foyer].

Oh, so stuff, huh? Not just money?

Not money. I’m collecting, like, toiletries and hygiene stuff.

Tell me a bit more about why you wanted to do this? Why did you feel so strongly?

Because my dad was going to go to Texas to go help, but he never went. And that just kind of got my heart to help them out.

How much stuff have you collected so far—any idea?

I have a box full of clothes. I have one box full of razors and stuff. I have at least three boxes full. I have two full boxes of diapers. I have a big bag of dog food, a bag of cat food.

Wow. You’ve really thought of everything—because it’s not just the people who need help there, huh?

Yeah. It kind of has the pets, too. I feel like lots of pets in the homes don’t have food.

How long will you keep collecting stuff before sending it off?

The end of October.

Where should people take their donations to?

They can bring it here [to the school]. There’s one right through the two doors—that big box. And then right out in front of the office over here, there’s a long box that you can just drop it in during school hours or after school or in the morning.

Anything else?

We don’t need clothes, really. We’ll be collecting, like, shampoos, conditioner, body wash, diapers wipes.