Young Democrat

Timothy Mullen

Photo By David Robert

Timothy Mullen, 19 and Executive Board Member for the State Young Democratic Party, is a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno. He studies political science and journalism and likes the idea of combining the two in his future. He has a way of talking quickly to get in everything he wants to say, and like a true politician, he knows how to address his strong issues and maneuver around things he’d rather not discuss. His interest in politics came from long hours of door to door campaigning for Democratic Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley in Las Vegas and a passionate government teacher in high school.

What is a Young Democrat?

On campus, we are an umbrella organization for any democratic organization that wants to hold events at UNR. We talk to the student government and the student board and set up events for people.

How are you involved in this year’s campaign?

We are not officially endorsing anyone right now. We’ll support anyone who comes out of the primary season victorious. We’ve held events on campus for the Clark people and the Dean people.

Do you think most students are well-informed politically?

I think a lot of people are, and if they’re not, there’s a way to take the effort to do it. They can come to some of our events and maybe some of the other groups on campus, political groups. There’s lots of ways on campus to get informed of the political system.

Speaking of civil liberties, what do you think about what is happening in San Francisco with the gay couples married on Valentine’s Day?

Well speaking of civil liberties, in general, I believe the Patriot Act was not the solution after 9/11. I believe that takes away from the civil liberties of Americans, and it should be repealed. I don’t want to comment on the other issue.

What don’t you agree with in the Republican Party, specifically Bush’s campaign?

I don’t think he should have made the tax cut. I think that should be repealed and the money should go toward things like education and the environment. I believe that going into Iraq was the wrong idea, going against the United Nations.

Who is your personal favorite candidate right now and why?

I was a supporter of General Clark before he dropped out of the campaign. I can’t speak for my organization, but personally I support Kerry because I believe in his elect-ability. He was in Vietnam, and he knows. He’ll be able to take some military votes away from Bush. And he opposes the death penalty, which I oppose as well.

What do you think about Ralph Nader entering the race?

I think the outcome is going to be different. The same thing is going to happen to him that happened to Ross Perot in ‘92 and ‘96. Ross Perot decreased greatly in his second run, and it will be the same thing that happens to Ralph Nader.

Do you think UNR students fall more to the liberal side or the conservative side?

I think a lot of students on campus are issue based. They vote on environmental and civil rights issues. I don’t have any polls or anything, so I can’t say for sure what side the students lean toward.

What do you think about “Bushisms?”

Personally, Bush needs to visualize what he’s saying. Sometimes he goes out there and says things that aren’t articulate or intelligent. I don’t know what he does to prepare his speech, but he needs to do it better.