You, Me and Dupree

Rated 1.0

You, Me and Dupree offers nothing, absolutely nothing, original. A thin comedy about an unwanted roommate, it’s a series of recycled third-leg jokes with very few that hit the mark. Owen Wilson displays the most abrasive aspects of his acting personality for nearly two hours. His Dupree character is too annoying, brainless and revolting to be even remotely funny. Wilson’s surfer boy, dimwitted shtick can be awesomely tiresome when the material isn’t up to snuff, and this is his worst film yet. Matt Dillon is required to just stand around as his generous buddy, and Kate Hudson tries to make the best of a nothing role. Michael Douglas is given one of the more ridiculous roles in his long and storied career, playing Dillon’s evil father-in-law. The laughs are very few, but there are groans aplenty.