You have a talent for causing things pain

While actor Campbell Scott got a lot of notice for the overrated Roger Dodger, his career’s best work in this film went virtually unnoticed. As a paranoid dentist justifiably concerned about his wife’s adulterous ways, Scott is excellent. Hope Davis, also great in last year’s American Splendor, is perfection as Scott’s cheating wife, and someone (director Alan Rudolph) finally gives Denis Leary a role deserving of his talents. As Scott’s imaginary friend/alter ego, Leary gets a nice opportunity to show his dramatic side. This film stands as proof that Leary is one of film’s greater under-the-radar talents. Watch out for the film’s Vomit Opera, where the entire cast comes down with the mother of all stomach viruses. If you don’t like onscreen puking, you might have to rule this one out.

Special Features: OK, it’s time to quit it with the blooper reels. This disc features a bunch of moments where cast members screw up, and we’re supposed to laugh. If you didn’t get enough vomit in the film, there are plenty of vomit outtakes contained here to satisfy you. The deleted scenes should’ve been deleted, unless you had your heart set on seeing Denis Leary giving Campbell Scott a bath. The audio commentary by director Alan Rudolph and Scott is good, although it would’ve been cool if Leary chimed in.

Movie: B+

Special Features: C+

Geek Factor: 4