You are what you ate

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I know I don’t talk about this much, but I’ve had health issues in the past. As of late, I’ve been on a new diet. My friends Tory and Justin Van Pelt got me moving down the road toward vegetarianism, and finally—based in part on my viewing of the movie Forks over Knives—I decided to give it a shot. But I didn’t want to jump in with both feet, so I compromised with seafood, eggs and vegetation.

No problem. As I write this, I’m 19 days in. I’d committed to doing 90 days, but I’ve learned what I needed to know. I’ll go through til we publish Best Of. I immediately gained weight, eight pounds in the first five days. Fine, at least six pounds of it has dropped off. I can explain the science behind the weight gain, but I know you don’t give a shit, and you know I don’t.

Anyway, among the other things I learned was that Forks over Knives is a lie. It would be propaganda if it were from the government, like the government’s food recommendations. Here, read this: It’s from Denise Minger’s blog.

I’ve also learned some stuff about whole foods and the Paleo diet (which should be called the Reno diet since both the best selling book authors lived here). In fact, I saw both speak this week (as another parenthetical, I’m writing this column before I actually see them).

Bottom line to all this diet stuff: If a food is processed, it’s bad. And I’m making the personal choice not to eat most grains or legumes. And that may be the last diet column I write this week.


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