Year One

Rated 1.0

Unbelievably bad, especially considering the talent that is involved. Director Harold Ramis, the director who gave us the classics Caddyshack and Groundhog Day, gets little laughter out of this lame premise. A never-been-worse Jack Black and Michael Cera star as a hunter and a gatherer expelled from their village. They go on a journey where they bump into such biblical figures as Adam, his sons Cain and Abel, and the son-sacrificing Abraham. Never mind that many of these characters should not have occupied Earth at the same time according to the Bible—that little error would be forgivable if the movie had some guffaws. Instead, you get Black doing his usual manic act, with Cera mumbling a lot. Only the great David Cross gets a laugh or two as the murderous Cain, but even he looks like he’s laboring. It’s very sad to see a great comic director flounder like this, and sad to see Black fail so miserably. This is one of the year’s biggest disappointments.