X: The Movie

Palm Pictures/Manga Video

An interesting premise can’t save X: The Movie from being a big disappointment. X is about a guy named Kamui who will decide the fate of the world by choosing sides in a rehashed good vs. evil plot. As the forces of good try to convince Kamui to side with them, the evil characters kidnap his friend, Fuma, and convince Fuma to fight Kamui. The animation is far below modern standards for movies and looks more like something found on TV in Japan. However, the biggest problem with X is the fact that it’s based on a long-running series of graphic novels, and yet I get the impression that it’s missing something vital. The script asks the audience to suspend too much disbelief and buy into some of the characters’ ludicrous actions, and the dialogue is often very clunky. Unfortunately, X doesn’t mark the spot for fun.