World Trade Center

Rated 2.0

Oliver Stone hasn’t made a decent movie in 12 years. His last OK movie was Natural Born Killers (1994), an insane picture that probably worked because the man behind the camera was nuts. Since then, he’s churned out piece of crap after piece of crap, including the JFK-wannabe Nixon, as well as U-Turn and, worst of all, Alexander. No doubt, Stone is capable of greatness, and the good news is that this is his best film since Natural Born Killers. The bad news is it still isn’t a very good movie. Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena do their best as Port Authority police officers John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, two men who were trapped in the rubble of the collapsed towers on 9/11. Their performances are strong, and the film’s beginning is decent, but once the officers are trapped, the film becomes standard TV-movie-of-the-week fare. Stone was the wrong choice to direct this movie.