Working girls

Harrah’s Personal Best program seems more invasive than the standards required of local brothel workers

Harrah’s requirements for female cocktail servers and bartenders:

Makeup: “Makeup (foundation, concealer and/or face powder, blush and mascara) must be worn and applied neatly in complimentary colors. Lip color must be worn at all times.”

Footwear: “Shoes will be basic black pump or dance shoe (with maximum 3/8-inch strap) and have a one-inch minimum heel height and closed heel and toe.”

Hair: “Hair must be teased, curled or styled every day you work _ No visible hair restraints or ornaments are permitted. Ponytails, multiple ponytails, regular braids, buns and hair worn half-up/half-down are not permitted.”

Fingernails: “Nail polish can be clear, white, pink, red, wine or burgundy color only. No exotic nail art or length.”

Uniform: “All uniforms will be custom tailored for each server to ensure proper form and fit. Once tailored, the uniform will not be altered.”

Body image: “All beverage service personnel _ must be _ firm and body toned. Additional factors to be considered include overall body contour and degree of comfort the employee projects while wearing the uniform.”

Bunny Ranch employees:

Makeup: Optional.

Footwear: No bare feet. No house slippers.

Hair: Clean.

Fingernails: Clean.

Uniform: No jeans.

Body image: “Doesn’t matter. Great attitude and personality—that’s what we look for,” Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof said. “No applicant is too old or too heavy or too tall or too short.”

Source: Alliance for Workers’ Rights