Work out with fellow human beings

Screw Cindy Crawford and gyms—meet with your fellow human beings for a fun-filled workout in Wingfield Park

Those who really want to get into shape can meditate on the joys of yoga.

The $20 purchase of a Cindy Crawford workout video produces, in most cases, three days of feverish commitment, one week of monumental soreness in bodily regions you didn’t realize you had and then, finally, "misplacing" Cindy under the couch for the rest of workout eternity. The slightly more communal gym workout has a similar narrative, though it usually takes a few weeks before realizing that treadmills are about as exciting as trying to remove the scum off the bottom of your bathtub or watching Ben Affleck "act." Point is, working out alone is boring, and working out indoors doesn’t help matters. So kiss Cindy and treadmills goodbye and check out the Workout in the Park event at Wingfield Park this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., hosted by Fitness Evolution. There’ll be cardio dance, kickboxing, kids’ exercises, yoga and wellness lectures, to name a few—and it’s all free. Call 323-2101 for more information.