Wolf Creek

Rated 3.0

This sick movie gets it right with its villain, a jovial sort trolling about the Australian Outback, more than happy to lend his assistance to three backpackers whose car has broken down. When the three go to sleep that night as their rescuer works on their vehicle, they wake up in Hell. Their rescuer is, in fact, a serial killer, Texas Chainsaw style. Director Greg McLean gets good performances from his cast, especially John Jarratt as the stranger who seems friendly until you compare him to Crocodile Dundee. Based very loosely on actual murders that occurred in Australia, the film has a gritty realism to it that is often most unsettling. Starts slowly, but once it gets rolling it manages to be quite terrifying. While it’s no classic, it is a decent addition to the genre, and Jarratt manages to be a super creep in a good way.