With enemies like these

Ever since the election, I’ve been kind of pissed off at America. More precisely, at 46 percent of America. I’m guessing you’ve noticed.

But as David “Kung Fu” Carradine used to say way back when, “Expect the unexpected, grasshopper.” And the unexpected upside in the aftermath of Trump has been the impressive, legitimate, and spirited response of Americans around the country, coming out in droves to demand that their senators and representatives give them an ear (and we ain’t paid, jerks!). I was watching a couple of guys in Iowa, giving that asshole Sen. Grassley the business about Obamacare, and I got all choked up, and it was really a nice thing to feel good about my country again and to see so many folks finally ready to hit the sidewalk and speak their minds in the midst of this blizzard of bullshit barfing out of the mouths of our now cred-free administration.

And goddammit, Republicans. quit trying to tell us the ACA is a disaster. It isn’t. A lot of us like it, even if it’s admittedly a somewhat messy beginning to something that could be buffed and taken to Next Level. But a disaster? There are MILLIONS OF US OUT HERE WHO DISRESPECTFULLY DISAGREE. You want to know what is a disaster? How about the Rethuglican Party. The most nutless, gutless, spineless bunch of slime-trailers in the history of air-breathing bipeds. It’s positively disgusting to see Rethuglican after Resluglican slink out the back door of a town hall, unable to stand the heat from a righteously pissed bunch of constituents.

The enemy of the people? I’ve got one for ya. In fact, the true enemy of the American people, as has been made repeatedly clear, is the Republican Party. They have been for years. And to seal this deal once and for all, the GOP did something truly heinous. It worked actively and aggressively with a hostile nation in order to win the White House. Now that is the handiwork of an enemy.

Don’t you dare say the media is the enemy. The Rethuglicans conspired blatantly with the fucking Russians so as to procure the White House. The media is simply doing its juicy job and telling this sorry, lurid, astonishing story. Kiss my ass, Trumpolini.

Don’t get distracted by the daily parade of lightweight gaffes. It’s all about Russia. Make no mistake. It’s time for the comprehensive TV special to put it all into focus. Trump pissed off the IC, and then, he pissed off the media. This formidable pair is more than ready, willing and able to Nixonize this asshole.