Winter’s Bone

Rated 4.0

The Ozark Mountains come off as another universe altogether in Winter’s Bone, a momentous achievement for director Debra Granik, and a showcase for the talents of relative newcomer Jennifer Lawrence and character actor John Hawkes. Lawrence plays Ree Dolly, a 17-year-old living in a rundown cabin in the woods. Her father has disappeared, her mother sits around all day with a vacant stare, and her younger brother and sister depend on her for food and guidance. The sheriff (Garret Dillahunt) shows up one day, informing Ree that she has a problem. Her convict dad is supposedly cooking drugs again, making him a fugitive. Ree and her family stand to lose their father and their property. Hawkes plays Ree’s Uncle Teardrop, a foul-tempered man who finds himself helping his kin after some initial hesitations. Both performances are spectacular and fit director Debra Granik’s haunting film. Lawrence is certainly one of 2010’s breakout stars.