Winter is coming

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re on early deadlines this week because of the holiday, so I’m writing this a day earlier than I usually do. We usually finish the paper every Tuesday, so it can be printed on Wednesday, distributed on Thursday, and then hopefully read by y’all before the weekend since one of our basic functions is to be the compass to help guide you intrepid explorers through the long dark night that is a weekend in Reno.

(Well, really it’s more of a 24-hour neon party, but we’re here to help regardless.)

But this week that whole schedule is moved up a day, so, as I write this, it’s Monday, Nov. 25, and I have some news to report that will probably be fairly obvious to you fine folks out there in the near future: It’s cold.

I just went for a quick head-clearing walk around the neighborhood, and there was a serious chill outside. I don’t just mean a brisk autumnal reminder to put on a sweater. I mean there was something gray and ominous in the air.

Sure enough, checking the forecasts, it’s going to snow this week. It will probably have snowed by the time you read this—or at the very least before the end of the weekend. It could be a white Thanksgiving.

And I have this sinking feeling that it’s gonna to be an extra long, extra cold winter. I’m not basing that on anything scientific, just anecdotal evidence and the atmospheric pressure of my abdomen. You might call it a gut feeling, but I think of it as more of a trick belly.

It feels like we’re due for a rough winter. Pack an extra pair of socks. Hold your loved ones tight. Bring your animals inside. Do what you can to help the folks left out in the cold. Because there’s more of them every day. And the climate is changing.