Winter guide

The RN&R’s guide to winter 2006-07 may inspire you to pull out the skis, polish up the gear and get your cocktail on

Illustration By Andrew Nilsen

Here it is, the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, officially the kickoff of the change of season from autumn to winter. It’s been disappointedly dry up til now, but if the weekend was any indication, the change is upon us.

Some of the ski resorts have had a few paltry runs open for weeks. But get ready. Wax up those boards, replace that bedraggled coat, Scotch Guard those pants—it’s time, baby.

For our annual guide to winter, we look at some of the things that make living in Northern Nevada great. Slopes, fashion, night skiing—what more could an outdoor aficionado like you require? OK, a nice hot toddy. We’ve got that handled, too.

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