Winter guide 2002

It ain’t summer. You realize this as you walk out the door in shorts and frost immediately starts forming on your unshaven legs. Yeah, Hot August Nights is more than 250 days away, and you’ve gotta find something to do to kill the time. Lucky for you, you’re in Reno where there’s plenty to do. Like drink and dance and drink and catch the Reno Philharmonic and go to church and dance and gamble and drink and stop by a local theater for a live performance.

That’s if you stay down here in the Truckee Meadows. If you feel like driving up to the snow zone, you can ski and snowboard and sled and skate. Then you can come back down to Reno, and drink and dance and see art. You get the idea.

Winter. The days are just too damned short to cram it all in.

Learning from Mr. Winter

‘Wide-awake drunk’

Clubbing Reno