Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

It’s no surprise that Wilco had trouble releasing this masterpiece, with their label seemingly terrified to unleash such an unorthodox, un-commercial work on the public. The album is brilliant, original and solid from start to finish, and that’s just the sort of thing the big labels seem to be shying away from nowadays. From the moment the band’s leader declares, "I am an American aquarium drinker" amidst swirling guitars, pianos and distortion, it is apparent that the band is going to take you on a weird, wonderful ride. The album’s best track, "War on War," is notable not just for its infectious music but its startling lyrics, written before the events of 9-11. With this combination of rockers and atmospheric slow tunes, Jeff Tweedy has put the ghost of his former band, Uncle Tupelo, far behind him.