Wicker Park

Rated 1.0 Josh Hartnett does his best wounded-puppy-dog impression in this feeble attempt at a Hitchcock-type thriller. The plot basically wraps around a young businessman (Hartnett) who thinks he sees his old girlfriend Lisa (Diane Kruger of Troy) in a restaurant and starts hunting for her. Along the way, he meets up with and beds a girl named Alex (Rose Byrne, also of Troy), who pretends to be Lisa and who has many, many secrets. The plot, which rewinds and fast-forwards all over the place, is completely inane. Hartnett’s character is so ineffective at simply locating a person he wants to find that the process of his search is frustrating rather than clever. The fact that he commits multiple criminal acts while searching for Lisa No. 1 makes him a total waste of a character and unsympathetic. By the time the end of the film rolls around, one could care less because this guy doesn’t deserve a used Mötley Crüe groupie, let alone the love of his life. Stupid and pointless.