Who’s got the executive experience now?

The 2008 presidential election is approaching quickly, and things are getting heated. The running mates have been picked, and excitement is high on both the Republican and Democratic sides of the spectrum.

Sen. Barack Obama has picked Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware as his running mate, while Sen. John McCain has chosen Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska to run by his side during this election. Each choice was surprising and will definitely make for an interesting few months. In looking at the two running mates, it’s clear who is the better choice.

Sen. Obama chose a running mate who has experience in the political realm but has no faith in the candidate himself. Previous to Sen. Obama choosing Sen. Biden as his running mate, Biden continually put down Obama, saying he was lacking the experience to be president of the United States.

Sen. Biden has the experience to make up for Sen. Obama’s lack, but is that enough? Obama chose someone who would stand up to him and not agree with him all the time, but will it be useful or detrimental to society if they are constantly arguing? It’s an interesting choice without a doubt, seeing as how Obama’s staff may have to keep Biden on a short leash so as not to allow him to say something he shouldn’t say—a flip side to Obama’s cool, composed self.

As far as the running mate on the McCain ticket, he chose to go the opposite way with his pick. McCain has many years of experience in life and in politics. He has been a senator and a soldier. So he has chosen someone who brings a unique touch to the campaign. Gov. Palin does not have Biden’s years of experience—or McCain’s for that matter. But she is just is qualified to be there as Sen. Obama.

This is a strong choice for many reasons, one being the fact that she is the only one of all these politicians who has executive experience. As a governor, she has had to make decisions as a leader and has done so very effectively. Gov. Palin has a very high approval rating, around 80 percent in her home state, which would suggest she is doing something right.

Sarah Palin may not have the years of experience that Sen. McCain’s other possible running mates had, but he didn’t need a running mate with a lot of experience. He has enough for the both of them, this being very much unlike Obama who needs someone wise in years since he is lacking himself in that department.

In looking at Palin and Biden, we see that Palin is cool and collected, while Biden will need to be kept in check for the sake of the campaign. Palin is unique because, before this nomination, not many people outside of the political realm knew about her, which gives her the advantage. Because of this, there are no pre-judgments of her.

The choices are by far some of the most interesting we have seen in years. This election is bringing many new things to the board that people need to think about. Though I think both choices are interesting, Palin was, without a doubt, an excellent choice as McCain’s running mate. Her experience brings something different to the board. And she is beautiful and collected to top it all off.