Who's been killed?

RN&R looks at the numbers of people in Nevada killed by police

Illustration/Brian Breneman

In this, the second part of our six-part Fatal Encounters series, we look at the actual numbers of people killed during interactions with police. This includes incidents of people shot, killed by vehicles, tasered, suicides or beaten to death. Sometimes the causes are uncertain, for example, Walter Inzer, an intoxicated 81-year-old man in Reno, died in the paddy wagon. Since no central government agency collects or databases this data, this is the most comprehensive dataset for incidents of police-involved homicide that has ever been collected in the state of Nevada.

All the charts and graphs were developed from our website, www.fatalencounters.org. While, beginning in December, we requested information from all Nevada state and local law enforcement agencies, a few have not responded. However, because of redundancies in the way the requests were made—and use of media sources —we believe this information is fairly comprehensive. Since Native American tribes do not fall under Nevada public records laws, not all homicides on Native American land are likely included. This dataset also does not include all homicides by officers of federal agencies.

Download the full size pdf.