Who killed JFK?

Bruce Campbell Adamson

This John F. Kennedy assassination theorist and genealogist was featured on “Coast to Coast,” the Art Bell/George Noory radio show, in part because of the anniversary of JFK’s Nov. 22, 1963, murder. Bruce Adamson, who was interviewed over the phone, is reticent about having his likeness put on TV or in the pages of a newspaper, but he has no hesitation about promoting his opinion that there is more to be uncovered about the death of one of America’s most beloved presidents.

How did you get started in the JFK assassination?

It was in ‘92 that I won a case against the federal government. They paid me two years back salary. I took the $38,000, and that was when Oliver Stone’s movie came out, JFK. I didn’t really like the movie at first, but after I watched it a couple times, I did like it. I got obsessed with this guy George De Mohrenschildt. I found he dated Jackie Kennedy’s mother in 1938. I said, “What?’ Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friend is dating Jackie Kennedy’s mother? Wait a minute.” And then I read his 240 pages of testimony in the Warren Commission, and one thing led to another. I contacted the West Palm Beach Sheriff’s office in 1992, and asked them for a copy of his personal phone book. I used it for genealogical research. I did genealogical research on everybody in Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friend’s phone book. I found out there were many CIA agents, Texas oil men, and they were very important people—like the president of Nelson Rockefeller’s oil company—just top-of-the-line people. And I said, “Well, how could this guy be Oswald’s best friend when he’s tied to so many important people?” Then I just started researching everything about him.

I know from looking at your Web site [www.ciajfk.com] that you don’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Do you believe De Mohrenschildt pulled a trigger?

I believe he set Oswald up to take the blame. Whatever he would say to Oswald, Oswald would do. Oswald was like a CIA patsy. What helps clear Oswald was when he was arrested, he didn’t have gunpowder on his face. If he was really looking down the scope trying to kill President Kennedy, he would have been holding the rifle up to his cheek. He would have had nitrites on his face. He said, “I’m just a patsy,” and that’s the title of De Mohrenschildt’s book.

What do you think De Mohrenschildt’s role was, then?

I believe he was setting Oswald up for the assassination. That was his role. He had the perfect alibi by being in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at the time of the assassination. In another instance, he says he was in Dallas. So he would tell Oswald what to do, and Oswald would follow his line. And there are other connections, like De Mohrenschildt is tied to Ruth and Michael Paine of Dallas, Texas, who were putting the Oswalds up in their home. De Mohrenschildt is tied to everybody. He met with Lyndon Johnson seven months before the assassination. I found out his wife worked with Abe Zapruder who filmed the assassination. I said to myself, “Well, it’s not natural when you are filming, and you hear gunshots that you don’t react for your own safety. You don’t keep filming the president. You don’t know if the bullets are coming at you.” Well, Zapruder had worked with Mrs. George De Mohrenschildt 10 years before the assassination. They both belonged to the same CIA organization, the Dallas Council on World Affairs.

So who pulled the other trigger?

That I can’t say. But I can say the circumstantial evidence that I discovered should have been brought out.