White riot

For a different perspective on this issue, check out http://statenews.com/article/2017/11/letter-its-not-okay-to-be-white

Is it OK to be white?

I was looking at the Heritage Month Guide over at diversitycentral.com to see what comes after Black History Month in February, and March’s National Women’s History Month and Irish American Heritage Month, and noticed there is a vacancy in diversity celebrations for April.

May I suggest we need an “It’s OK to be White Month?”

OK, probably not. But I will try to anyway.

Diversity is all about race and ethnicity, is it not? After all, besides Black History Month, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and November is National American Indian Heritage Month, so those races get a month. But there is no Caucasian American Heritage Month. There are some Caucasian ethnicity groups that get months. Besides the Irish, Italian Americans get October, and Latinos get September, while Jewish Americans get May.

So what can whites do to join the diversity parade? The LGBTQIA—I hope I got all the letters right!—community gets June as Gay Pride Month, but obviously a White Pride month would be a bridge too far. We need to keep that in Idaho as much as possible.

But who could possibly argue with simply saying, “Hey, for April alone, just once, can we say, ’It’s OK to Be White’?”

No, actually, its not. At least that is what the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are saying. There is in fact a grassroots OK to be White movement going on, and spreading fast. It began in October 2017 when 4chan.org, an imageboard website first published the phrase as a “proof of concept meme” to demonstrate how an innocuous statement could generate a “shitstorm” backlash on social media.

Oct. 31 marked the first YouTube mention I could find, and also the first picture of a sign bearing the slogan posted on a telephone poll. The very next day, a high school principal in Maryland issued a statement calling the phrase “part of a national campaign to foment racial and political tension in our school and community.” The hashtag #hatecrime soon appeared, and a video of a SJW tearing down a sign.

Since then, the OK to be White phenomenon has spread to Britain, Australia and Canada, as well as most of the US. The Southern Poverty Law Center has condemned the slogan, and police have investigated postings.

Lucien Winthrop, an openly gay reporter who also identifies as alt-right, was prevented from giving a speech on “It’s OK to be White” when a female executive at a local community college rushed his podium and seized his notes, claiming “hateful speech.” At first, the police charged Winthrop, but later those charges were dropped, and the woman was charged with larceny and disorderly conduct.

The executive director of Washington State University’s Office of Equity and Diversity responded to the posters by saying: “In my mind, it’s a nonthreatening statement,” further stating: “Sure, it’s OK to be white. It’s OK to be African-American. It’s OK to be Latino. It’s OK to be gay.” That is the only non-hostile quote by a diversity professional I could find.

Why are the left’s identity politics so threatened by this slogan? Because in the Democratic Party’s identity-driven universe, whites can never, ever be OK. The only exception is white women sexually harassed by white males. The white working class must always be portrayed as exploiters of their white privilege, no matter if the reality is quite different. If the white working class deplorables who appreciate their tax cut crumbs continue to vote against the Democrats’ identity politics, they are toast.