White glove treatment

Lidia Navarro


It’s spring-cleaning time, and with cleanliness being on everyone’s mind, we thought it would be a great time to talk to an expert. Her business is called Lidia’s Unique House Cleaning, and she may be contacted at (775) 219-7068.

What made you get into cleaning houses?

I guess you could say necessity, because I didn’t have a job.

How long have you been cleaning houses?

Since 2003.

Is spring cleaning one of the busiest times for you?

I’m thinking towards after the kids go back to school because that way the mom’s wanting the house clean after they’re back to school.

What was the dirtiest thing you’ve ever had to clean?

An apartment that we did, and the lady could see, but not really that well. Her bed was full of trash. It had worms in it, yeah, green food. I think that’s the worse that we’ve done, and then like the bathroom had poop and stuff.

Do you think your health has deteriorated since cleaning houses?

Oh yeah. I’m not the same if I wasn’t doing it myself.

Do you have any back spasms or anything?

Oh no, no, not too bad. Not too bad.

What are your favorite household products to use while cleaning?

We use a lot of rubbing alcohol and Fabuloso—it’s like Mr. Clean, but it’s a Hispanic product that cleans and smells really good.

Do you have a certain strategy you use while cleaning small and large houses?


Do you prefer to work alone or with a team?

With a team.

Is there a certain area in a house you prefer to clean?

Bathroom; it’s easy.

Does the manual labor you do satisfy the amount of exercise you need to be healthy?

Yeah, because you’re always up and down and walking. You’re active.

Are gloves mandatory?

Not if they don’t want to. It all depends if it’s a new house or something.

Should you use them?

I have boxes of gloves, and if they want to use them they could. It’s up to them, I leave it up to them. Sometimes, we like to wear nothing when [we’re] cleaning. some don’t. It’s up to them.