Where credit is due

Those distressed by a Nov. 17 Reno Gazette-Journal report of the youth racial climate in Yerington could have read of the problem earlier in the Sparks Tribune.

In three columns on Oct. 20 (“You’ve Got to be Taught to Learn to Hate”), Oct. 28 (“Mississippi West Don’t Need No Education”), and Nov. 8 (“The Poisoning of Old Pizen Switch Proliferates”), columnist Andrew Barbano reported on a Yerington online posting that carried the caption, “The redneck god of all gods we bout to go nigger huntin.” We referenced that disclosure in our Nov. 9 editorial. Barbano also reported on officials playing fast and loose with Lyon County public records and an FBI contact with NAACP officials.

On Nov. 1, Barbano noted that other media “are now working the story. I’ll upload all the viral photos with the expanded online edition of this column at Barbwire,” making the job easier for other journalists.

The RGJ article expanded on the story but made no mention of Barbano’s early reports.