What’s your problem?

Look, let’s just cut the crap and deal with the obvious. By stonewalling Congress about everything (taxes, finances, security clearances), President Capone is essentially pleading the Fifth. He and his legal team are busy concocting some presidential executive version of The Fifth Amendment in order to stall, obfuscate and avoid the hell out of The House. But the ploy isn’t particularly clever—it’s desperate. And here in America, we all know what a mob boss is really saying when he takes Da Fifth. It’s tantamount to pleading guilty to everything. No need to get bogged down in minutiae or legalese. The sumbitch is pleading guilty to everything.

And Trump supporters, WTF? I’m afraid you have a problem. A rather large cred problem. Because if you still support this blithering, doddering moron after that horrific bullshit he barfed out in Wisconsin this past week about doctors executing babies, well then, how the hell do you expect us non-MAGAns to have any respect whatsoever for your political and sociological acumen? What exactly are you telling us about the functioning of your thought processes when you continue to support This Raving Jerkoff who just makes up the most horrible horseshit he can think of and then presents it as truth? We’ve seen a lot of truly horrid assholes in American politics over the years, but I do feel quite safe in asserting we’ve never seen anything as purely puckered as this asshole.

It’s not really much of a mystery as to the basic cause for the overwhelming bulk of humanity’s problems. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in astrophysics to see that the problem isn’t immigrants or plastic or even Trump. It’s overpopulation. Pure and simple.

Individually, most of us are nice, reasonable, decent folks, willing to let you merge in front of us on a crowded freeway. People, for the most part, are pretty nice. So people aren’t the problem. Not exactly. No, the problem is that there are way too many people.

Sometime in the ’20s, we are going to hit 8 billion people on Planet Earth. Man, that’s a load. That’s too effing much. So here’s my Question. If you could magically make it happen, instantly and painlessly, what would be your ideal number of humans on this Earth?

I’m thinking 50 to 100 million. But really, that may be too high. Why? Because we’re all sexed up on erotogens, and we’re absolute slaves to Sex Itch. If we started at 100 mill, we’d be back in the billions in 200 to 300 years (file under Bar Talk Topic).