What to do when things get dull

Leia Thomsen is a junior at Rain Shadow Charter Community High School.

Young people often complain that there’s nothing to do around Reno/Sparks. Aside from doing homework and meeting the myriad responsibilities that are placed on us for school, work and life in general, here are some things to do when time hangs heavily, and there’s not a lot of cash.

1. Go to the area’s free skate parks: Stead, Mira Loma, Idlewild Park, Sun Valley

2. Search the cushions of your couch (see “Streetalk,” page 5) and go to the movies

3. Find a good concert, especially at the New Oasis, where prices range $15 to $20

4. Walk around the mall. It’s free unless you buy something (and don’t engage in behavior that will invite the attention of security)

5. Walk around downtown; study progress on the railroad trench

6. Go to the Midway at Circus-Circus, free unless you play a game

7. Go to the National Automobile Museum or the Nevada Museum of Art

8. Go bowling—moderately expensive

9. Go to the library

10. Walk around downtown Reno or Sparks during special events: Farmer’s Market, cookoffs, ethnic festivals, Hot August Nights

11. Walk around the parks; check out swimming, sports and other activity programs in the phone book under Washoe County

12. Go to the UNR planetarium

13. If you have a car, drive around

14. If no car is available, explore where you can get with Citifare (check schedules at the Citifare downtown plaza)

15. Surprise somebody: Do the dishes or clean your room

16. Wonder about your spot in the universe

17. Perform random acts of kindness for other people

18. Volunteer somewhere

19. Hang out with a little kid

20. Hang out with your parents!

21. If you have dogs, take them to Rancho San Rafael dog park

22. Read the newspaper

23. Hike to the top of Peavine

24. Write a creative story or poem

25. Study your garbage and figure out how to recycle more

26. Go to a lake and watch nature

27. Picnic at a park or in your backyard

28. Ride the go-carts at the Reno Hilton

29. Play pool at Wild Island or the Nugget

30. Skate at Roller Kingdom

31. Reread your collection of magazines

32. Study the covers of fashion mags at the supermarket and analyze the image of women

33. Make toilet paper roses (out of new toilet paper)

34. Hand-knit a toilet seat cover

35. Turn the stains on your mattress into smiley faces

36. Study the classified ads for bargains

37. Add to this list