What Happens in Vegas

Rated 2.0

While Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz make an amusing on screen pair, the material they are given is not up to par. Kutcher plays a lazy furniture maker who gets fired from his dad’s company and decides it’s time for a trip to Vegas. Diaz plays an anal retentive sort who gets dumped by her boyfriend (Jason Sudeikis). Her antidote for pain is also a Vegas trip. The two meet up, get drunk, get married, have sex, wake up, decide to divorce, then win a bunch of money on slots ($3 million on one quarter! Would’ve been a whole lot more had they bet three!). A judge (Dennis Miller) implausibly sentences them to six months hard marriage, and the two go to war. The premise is dumber than spit, yet Kutcher and Diaz almost pull it off. They take digs at each other with much aplomb, and I think Kutcher is an especially funny guy with the right material. That said, the movie can’t be saved by its star power. It’s far too stupid for that.