We’re on the wrong side again

Russia is the only country on Earth that can survive a nuclear attack and launch thousands of missiles at us. Nuclear war with Russia would destroy both countries and cause a nuclear winter that could wipe out life on the planet.

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump shocked the foreign policy establishment when he said the people of Crimea were content with rejoining Russia after they passed a controversial referendum in 2014. Trump said Pussian President Putin had no intention of going into the Ukraine. Interviewer George Step-on-all-of-us (Stephanopoulos) countered with “Putin is already in Russia.”

Trump had a very bad week by arguing with Muslim Gold Star parents, and fighting unnecessary twitter wars. But he was more correct than the urbane liberal interviewer who confronted him. If he had been quicker he could have replied: “No, George, Putin is not in the Ukraine. Putin is not in Crimea. Crimea is voluntarily and willingly back in Russia. Crimea peacefully voted to rejoin the Russian federation, which has built a bridge to them and has provided energy for them. Putin is not in the Ukraine at all, but brokered a peace agreement there and stepped back. Obama and the U.S. are in the Ukraine, and American taxpayers are paying for it.”

The Democrats are now the party of Patriotic Love of Empire. Only the Bernie Bros. spoke out forcibly for peace in Philadelphia.

The Democrat elites cannot portray Hillary Clinton as a peacemaker, so they smear Trump. The Democrats’ strategy is to portray Trump as a crazy egoist who cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons, and simultaneously as a willing tool of Putin. The first charge has been levied by Democrats against Republicans since Barry Goldwater. The second charge is ironically reminiscent of the red baiting tactics used by Republicans against antiwar Democrats since the 1950s.

Hillary Clinton has called Putin a thug, dictator, murderer, invader and even a new Hitler.

The reality is Putin came to power as a reformer. He drove corrupt oligarchs out of Russia. They still hate him, and the oligarchs are responsible for most of the violence in Russian politics. By the way, our friends in Ukraine, Poland and Turkey have jailed far more journalists than Putin.

Russians believe Putin has restored dignity and a better life to Russia. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union, and Putin is not Stalin or any other Communist dictator. Putin’s popularity in Russia is genuine.

Russia wants to be independent of overbearing US control. She wants to be treated as a responsible power in a multipolar world. Our foreign policy elite wants American “hegemony” and wants Putin replaced.

Putin has criticized the American invasion of Iraq and the regime change in Libya. His military intervention in Syria and attempts to broker a peace there are seen by most countries as benign. Russian U.N. resolutions passed last December acknowledged Assad as the legitimate president of Syria. Now Turkey is making peace with Russia. Putin is not a threat to the U.S., but to the New World Order of the neocons.

Russia is twice as large as the US, but has half the population. Western governments have lusted after its sparsely populated but resource-rich eastern expanse for centuries. It is not Europe that is endangered by Russia, but Russia that is endangered by the “Great Game” of U.S. and British rivalry.

I hope the peace-loving people of Nevada will investigate the truth about Russia and Putin. We do not need a new Cold War, which could turn hot over some trivial incident. Tell Obama and Hillary to stop poking the Russian bear!