Welcome to RN&R’s Winter Guide 2008

Just last week, I overheard a man telling his friends that he forgot his wife’s birthday. He blamed it on the weather. It just didn’t feel like December. He didn’t get the annual reminder, via a chill in the air or frost on his windshield, that connected the dots: cold chill means wife’s birthday. I doubt this excuse flew with the missus, but that’s another story.

Decking the halls and winterizing the house just seems strange when it’s 50 degrees outside. But then, a few days ago, the skies grayed, a biting chill set in, and white sprinkled down. As of Monday morning, the weekend’s snowstorm still hasn’t stopped. The days of pelting our friends with snowballs, strapping on snowshoes and skis and going out to play have arrived.

That’s why we’ve written this guide for you. Inside these pages, we’ll show you that you don’t need a ski pass to get on the slopes, we’ll help outfit you in some climate-friendly snow gear, introduce you to the young and phenomenal skicrosser Errol Kerr, and we’ll tell you where to escape when the cold weather finally just wears your bones too thin.

Here’s wishing you some great snow days ahead.