Welcome to RN&R’s annual Bridal GUIDE!

Martha Stewart doesn’t know everything.

Not all of today’s brides change their names, get joint banking accounts or even wear white at their weddings. Millions of brides still stick to centuries old wedding traditions, while others are finding whole new ways to say, “I do.” However you decide to plan your big day, you’ll likely need some help and inspiration. In this year’s bridal guide, you’ll find just how much your dream wedding might cost and tips on how to whittle down that number. You’ll hear about what it’s like to bake your own wedding cake, get married in a downtown Reno wedding chapel and change your name. We also provide a detailed timeline to keep you on track with your wedding plans.

To all the brides and grooms out there, RN&R wishes you all the best.

Groom takes the cake
A groom attempts to make his own wedding cake.

The name game
You’re married. Do you change your name? And how?

Til debt
You’re about to be united in a big way. What about your finances?

Fools rushing in
Nothing says “I love you” like a 5-minute wedding.

With this bling, I thee wed
Love isn’t cheap, and weddings even less so. What it costs to say “I do.”

An affair to remember
A bride remembers her father on her wedding day.

The final countdown
A wedding planning timeline.

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