Welcome to RN&R’s annual Bars and Clubs guide!

It was a tough assignment, but somebody had to do it. After mangling many a bar napkin with notes written in drunken scribblings, we bring you this guide to some of the best nightclubs, pubs, lounges, dives—and we mean that in a good way—and sports bars in town. From the seedy to the swanky, from the Bud Light to the chaitini, you can find all your favorite libations here. There are far too many worthy establishments to mention them all in these pages. They’re places of good memories, shameful regrets and misplaced brain cells, and like little turtles to the sea—or suckers—we keep coming back.

So pull up a stool, take a load off, and remember two things:

1) The easiest cab phone number in the world is 333-3333.

2) Do not—I repeat—do not drunk dial your girlfriend, your brother, anyone—unless, of course, you need a ride.


Drinking good in the neighborhood
Bar hop by neighborhood.

Ode to dive bars
A dive bar story: The night Heather scratched on the eight ball.

The cure for what ales
Sometimes, all the cocktails in the world can’t beat one good pint of beer. Here’re five places that know how to serve it.

Tasting away in Margaritaville
For a good Margarita, be it salty or sweet, look here.

Shall we dance?
James Brown said it best: “Get up offa that thing! And dance ’til you feel betta.”

Higher minds drink, too
One man’s search for college bar enlightenment.

Bully’s and beyond—sports bars to get your game on.

What are you looking for?
When you’re looking for a certain something at a bar …

Make your own
Drink recipes from some of Reno’s top bars.

American imperialism
More flavorful and about seven times stronger than conventional beers, the Imperials pack a punch.

Food for all-nighters
Nothing like a little grease to ease a drunken belly.