Welcome to Mooseport

Rated 2.0 TV star Ray Romano makes his big screen debut (voiceover for Ice Age not included), basically playing the same lovable dope he plays on Everybody Loves Raymond. As Handy the Handyman, he finds himself in a mayoral race against an ex-President (Gene Hackman, struggling to make the most out of a dumb idea). The race is also on for his beloved (Maura Tierney), who accepts a date with the ex-Pres in order to make her boyfriend jealous. A lot of current and former TV stars occupy the cast, including Romano, Tierney and Fred Savage as a presidential advisor. This helps fuel the feeling that this lightweight picture is better suited to the small screen. Marcia Gay Harden who, like Hackman, seems to be present in every film being made these days, wastes time as Hackman’s other love interest.