Wedding talk

Advice for newlyweds?

Asked on Virginia Street, downtown Reno

Erika Olivas

Know where you guys’ priorities are at. If you’re on the same page kid-wise, career-wise, home-wise. I’d say, good luck.

Charles Phillips

You need to go to a marriage counselor. I guess, wait six months, at least. I’ve been married six times, so I don’t know. Every woman I know tried to change me.


I was married once for 10 years. It’s hard for me to fall in love again. Women will fall in love with me, but I can’t love them back. I have that wall. That’s what happens when you get hurt. That’s what they should know: the aftermath if you get hurt, especially if you have kids.

Lara Quintero


Make sure they’re not in debt. Make sure you don’t get into something you don’t want. Nothing else really matters.

Christian Quintero


Communication is key. We’re still working on that.