We, the people

For a while there, about 10 or 12 years ago, golf actually seemed to be getting slightly cooler, slightly hipper, slightly less porcine. This occurred, of course, during Tiger Time, as the Great Cablanasian ruled the fairways of our grassy planet.

But now it’s Trump Time, and golf is predictably regressing a bit. It’s obvious that Dum Dum, who plays as often as you go to the supermarket, is going to do for golf what Charley Manson did for LSD. Golf is still the favored sport of crazy, angry baldheads, and really, what the hell do we have to be so goddamn angry about? The ski boat is taking up too much space in the garage? The ATVs need a new trailer? I always got perplexed driving around my neighborhood in Sparks last fall, and seeing houses with an SUV in the driveway, a nice sedan next to it, trailer in the side yard, garage stuffed full of mowers, bikes and kayaks, and a Trump bumper sticker because, you know, the economy is such a friggin’ disaster.

As I write this, Rethuglicans are getting ready to thug it up with their pissful Death to Healthcare Act (DHA). I’m not quite sure what exactly they’re going to do, and it’s fabulously inspiring to see that senators don’t have a clue either, but it appears that McConnell realizes that this is his last, best chance to step firmly upon his own penis, just sort of power stomp that old ‘Tucky tadger, and he seems determined to give it his best shot. And what’s Heller gonna do? Who the hell knows? Not sure if ghostly indecision was the way to roll with this one, Deano ole pal.

If this detestable dreck goes down the dumper, it will be because We the People stood up and told these villainous bastards where to stuff their shitty stinking Trumpcare. And if this mean-spirited mess somehow gets through and becomes law, well, something tells me the town halls for the rest of the year are gonna be rather lively. Please, senators, don’t expect us to “behave.”

Interesting to see that it’s absolutely imperative to have John McCain race back to D.C. for the DHA vote, where he can be the guy who, with skull scars still fresh from his fully-insured brain surgery, will cast his vote to deny such procedures to millions and millions of Americans. Well done, sir! If you wanna roll with some kind of snarky wisecrack about this POS bill being dependent on a man with brain cancer, have at it.