We bought ourselves a gift

As former solicitor general (during the Clinton era) Walter Dellinger told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “We have to ask ourselves, why is it that Mike Flynn was willing to take the risk of lying? What is behind this Russian involvement? It’s always possible that there’s less here than we think, and it’s also possible this is the greatest crime in the history of the United States if Americans were working with Russians to determine the outcome of a presidential election.” (The italics are mine.)

He’s right, and that’s what it’s all about, a reminder as to why many of us remain endlessly fascinated, horrified, shocked and pissed off beyond belief at this most outrageous reality show of all time as it plays out in front of our eyes. You know this. I’m certainly not giving you any new news.

But I do want to give you an Xmas message of great positivity and cheer, for this is indeed an incredibly awesome holiday season this year in our country. For 2018 is the year that we gave ourselves a truly wondrous gift, the year that we sane Americans gave ourselves—America!

Oh, yes, indeedy, we gave ourselves, on the night of Nov. 6, a slightly beat up but still totally nifty gift, which is our country. Yay for us! For it was on that night of Nov. 6 (and the days and weeks that followed for all those races that took a while to get certified and finalized) that a clear majority of us who still give two poops about the red, white and blue did our proper patriotic thing and told phony president Manbaby and his trashy lameass family of incompetent bungling endlessly lying crooks to take the proverbial long walk off a short pier.

So this holiday season, make sure you raise your glass to US—us in the U.S. Because we did it, goddammit. We did what had to be done, and if we wouldn’t have done what we did, just think how absolutely horrible and filled with despair you would feel right now. Just think how hopeless and grim 2019 would appear.

And now, realize that we are just days away from a Congressional Cavalry arriving on the scene, armed not with guns ablazin’, but with a bottomless bucket of sassy, serious subpoenas. May the Dems start tossin’ those suckers around like Amazon gift cards!

As for 2020, there are many possibilities on the table at this time, as numerous Dems start officially exploring presidential possibilities in the months ahead. Right now, I’m kinda thinkin’ that a Kamala/Booker ticket might fly—and I’m not sure who would be the Prez.