We beg to differ

[Nevadans for Equal Parenting] condemns Dennis Myers’ piece in today’s Reno News & Review. Is this an editorial or is it journalism? Mr. Myers has misrepresented, twisted and slanted his article to express his own political viewpoint. He attempts to portray NEP as trying to take advantage of the unfortunate shooting of Judge Weller, which he calls an “assassination.”
—Unsigned e-mail from Nevadans for Equal Parenting

Just because some anonymous person chooses to call an assassination attempt an “unfortunate shooting” doesn’t make it so.

Let’s call a spade a spade. According to Encarta World English Dictionary, North American Edition, an assassination is “the killing of somebody, especially a political leader or other public figure, by a sudden violent attack.”

There can be no doubt—none—that groups and individuals are attempting to take political advantage of the attempted assassination of Judge Weller and brutal murder of Charla Mack. It may be up to those groups or individuals to try to influence how the public perceives their motives, but it is not this newspaper’s responsibility to help them. It is Myers’ job as a journalist in this newspaper to present to the public the evidence of his senses.

Here’s the bottom line: The murder of a mother and the attempted assassination of a judge is prima facie evidence of a broken mind. In a civilized society, there are no laudable reasons for cold-blooded murder, and the act doesn’t elevate a murderer’s imagined grievances to the public dialogue. In fact, if Darren Mack did commit the crimes of murdering Charla Mack and attempting to assassinate Judge Weller, doesn’t that suggest that maybe Weller knew what he was doing with regard to Mack’s case?

If anything, until justice is done, it is less likely that issues with which the accused is associated will get a public hearing.

But there’s an entire world that exists outside these pages, and there are groups other than Nevadans for Equal Parenting that may or may not be attempting to gain some political traction from the foul deeds that were perpetrated in this city. The opposing side of the custody question is also trying to use the murder of Charla Mack and assassination attempt on Weller to try and prove something about all men.

For example, one communication to this newspaper from a group (whose existence could not immediately be verified) included this: “Fathers’ rights groups do not represent good dads. Dads who are divorcing are under enough stress. They are not well served by fathers’ rights groups. Decent men would be well warned to avoid fathers’ rights groups if they want to do right by their children.”

Blanket statements that generalize “fathers’ rights groups” and “dads” do just as much to shut down dialogue as blanket statements about “mothers” and elevating the acts of an alleged murderer to a political statement.

There may come a day when policies at the Family Court are publicly argued, but it won’t happen until the facts of the Darren Mack case are presented in a court of law.