Water for Elephants

Rated 3.0

Set in a Depression-era circus and featuring some decent performances, Water for Elephants is good enough to recommend but nothing to get all super hyped about. If you like elephants, and you like Reese Witherspoon movies, have at it. If you’d rather golf than watch a Witherspoon movie, book your tee times now. Featuring a central Robert Pattinson performance that’s endearing if not all that amazing, and a Reese Witherspoon performance that, while not remarkable, is better than anything she has done in years, the film moves along at a pleasant enough pace. It’s further helped by a villainous performance from Christoph Waltz, now Hollywood’s go-to guy when they need a good scumbag. This is moderately entertaining, with its best asset being a big, goofy, ancient, scene-stealing elephant.