Wasted Chicks


Jeez, what can you say about this? Here’s a Web site to which people e-mail in photos of women in an extremely intoxicated state, the concept being that you, the interactive viewer, get to vote on which women are most likely to break into that Barenaked Ladies song from the Mitsubishi Lancer commercial. Tremendous sport, right? OK, yeah, seeing pix of college-age women driving the porcelain bus may have a certain humorous value—the kind you’ll find in, say, a pile of vomit-splattered Everclear empties out behind a frat house on Sunday morning. Either you’ll laugh out loud, or you’ll wonder why there are no analogue sites named drunkendudes.com or wastedyokels.com—a hypocritical state of affairs that will then propel you into a downward spiral of depression, making you ponder the meaning of life and why some people think Pauly Shore and Adam Sandler are funny.