Walking tall

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Hmm. Family visit or toe shoes? Toe shoes or family visit?

My family, including my sister, my brother, his significant other, and my dad and his wife, came to visit the Biggest Little Brian this week. I’ve got to admit that I’m shocked at how old they’ve all become. I didn’t want to start a row, but I’m definitely still the best-looking of the lot. I mean, I’m 20 pounds heavier than my older brother, who still has all his hair and a six-pack abdomen, but from my purely objective standpoint, a guy looks better with a little meat on his bones and a bald head.

We did all the usual stuff, the only thing we missed was a meal at Reno’s finest Indian restaurant. We did eat at my favorite al pastor pork burrito restaurant, at my favorite Reno restaurant and at my favorite Thai restaurant in Reno. One night, I even cooked an eight-pound ham. We visited Lake Tahoe and the Nevada Museum of Art, but my dad and Joyce missed out on that one.

And—this will tell you something—we did not set foot in a casino. My family gets enough casino gambling in Nebraska and California and New Zealand. That’s not a slot machine bell tolling for me, but the bell may be tolling for all of Northern Nevada gambling.

A great time was had by all. I don’t think there was even a drop of blood spilled. Joyce probably had the most fun of everyone. She got to eat and shop and chat, unaffected by all the luggage and memories family members bring to these types of reunions. I think her favorite purchase—although I sent her home with a half-ounce of California poppy seeds—was some of these new toe shoes made by Vibram for “barefoot” running. I got a pair a couple weeks ago, and I’ve fallen in love with them, although I haven’t worked up to trail running in them yet. I’m pretty sure Joyce will have the only pair in all of Falls City, Neb.