Walk on Water

Rated 4.0

There are a lot of complex issues and plotlines running through director Eytan Fox’s film about a Mossad special agent and hitman (Lior Ashkenazi) who becomes friends with the grandchildren of an assassination target. The movie is successfully treats many issues with equal importance and sensitivity, and it’s a compelling drama with a very well organized screenplay. Ashkenaz reminds a bit of Clive Owen, and his commanding presence anchors the film. His character is brutish and sensitive, and comes off feeling very real. Caroline Peters and Knut Berger are excellent as the grandchildren, kept in the dark as to agent’s true identity. This movie is stuffed with topics—homophobia, friendship, suicide, the Holocaust, Israeli politics—yet it flows beautifully. The friendship between the Ashkenazi and Berger characters is handled with a kind of grace absent from most films.