Vulgarity is a credential

My electronic mailbox is filled on a weekly basis by various liberal online political organizations, like Move On, using Trump’s ongoing lead in the Republican race as a fright worthy of cash generation. I understand and realize that when you’re working for donations, you make use of whatever opportunities arise.

But I get slightly concerned with the undercurrent of these come-ons, an undercurrent of “Trump must be silenced.” No, actually, he’s fine. Let him speak. There’s no reason to shout him down.

What, this is some kind of news, that 30-35 percent of Americans are permanent residents of Yo-Yo City? This is the well established Darth Cheney bloc, now giving big chunks of support to the Donald. Lib types would do well to remember that our continued ongoing sanctimonious outrage at Trump being the frontrunner is actually helping the guy maintain his lead. The Trump peeps out there positively relish the reality that Trump totally appalls us Dems/libs. The more Move On, Credo and the other organizations looking for anti-Trump donations screech about his very existence somehow damaging our country, the more bumper stickers, ball caps, barbecue aprons and mud flaps he’s gonna sell.

So no, I’m not gonna contribute a nickel to the Trump Must Be Stopped Now movements. Hey, if the Republicans wanna commit political suicide in ’16, why should I stop them? As I’ve been saying the last four months, I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show, a show that’s getting considerably juicier now that “Republican Establishment” heavy hitters like Mitt, McCain and the Kochs are having to change their Depends on an hourly basis as they see the yo-yo wing of their party aim the Escalade for the cliff and the inevitable Thelma/Louise-style conclusion.

One more thing about Trump. I absolutely love the guy for being the first politico ever to use the word “bullshit” freely and openly while giving his stump speeches. Goddamn, it’s about fucking time! Good for Trump, and I’m sure the very fact that he will stand on a stage and say the word is worth at least 4-7 percentage points in the latest polls. The days of old biddies staying at home and calling the FCC every time the word “piss” or “shit” gets on the airwaves are long, long, long gone, and good riddance to that lameass Bible Belt tyranny. The vast majority of Americans no longer give a flying fig about the words “pissed off” or “bullshit” or “asshole,” and it’s high time we in the media acknowledged this changing cultural paradigm. Trump has so far been the only candidate with the huevos to put this knowledge into action, and it’s not hurting him in the polls one iota.

Have a great holiday. We live on a most extraordinary and wondrous planet. May its awesome treasures, creations, mysteries and secrets be revealed to you and experienced by you on a daily basis for the rest of your life.