Vucanovich endorses Gibbons

Vucanovich and Gibbons

Vucanovich and Gibbons

In 1996, U.S. Rep. Barbara Vucanovich, who held the Northern Nevada seat in the U.S. House, decided to retire. In the election that year, Jim Gibbons defeated Vucanovich’s daughter in the Republican primary and went on to win the seat. Vucanovich apparently holds no grudge. Last week she announced her endorsement of Gibbons’ reelection as governor and said she would hold a fundraiser for him next month.

“Gov. Jim Gibbons has demonstrated exceptional leadership during his military service, his private-sector life and his political career,” Vucanovich said in a prepared statement. “These unprecedented economic times require an experienced leader like Gov. Jim Gibbons.”

Last month on Sam Shad’s political chat program, Vucanovich said, “Has the Republican party in this state lost its way? I think it has. We need some leadership that’s very strong.” But she also said, “I’m certainly not going to help anybody who is running against [Gibbons]. … I think he stood up for what he believes. He took some beatings, but I think he did what was right.”

Vucanovich served in the U.S. House from 1983 to 1997.